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Sablés aux baies roses: Pink pepper shortcrust cookies

by Anna

Sablés aux baies roses
Sablés aux baies roses

Pink pepper? That’s already something unusual for me, even though I encountered it some time ago in France. Pink pepper in christmas cookies? That really sounded strange enough for me to want to try it out. And I can tell you: it’s A-mazing! Delish, unsual, and curiously christmassy.

I am always a big fan of shortcrust, my not so classic strawberry cake turned out to have a somwhat “short”crust and I loved it. While I never did another shortcrust recipe for christmas this is going to be a new tradition. This little not too hot pepper taste just works like magic. Teamed up with pomegranate and pistachio. You wonder how long these lasted? Well, I got around to snap some photos, but afterwards, whoops, gone…

Pomegranate, pistachio and pepper cookies
Pomegranate, pistachio and pepper cookies

Pink pepper shortcrust cookies adapted from Eve Pistazien-Sablés
280g flour
80g powdered sugar
vanilla extract
lemon peel or extract
220g soft vegetable spread
1 egg
80g roughly chopped pistachios
1/2 pomegranate
3 tablespoons pink pepper (berries)
some sugar

Combine flour, powdered sugar and two pinches of salt with vanilla extract and some lemon peel or lemon extract to your taste. Cube the vegetable spread or simple use a spoon to add small globs of it.

Cut open a pomegranate and scrape out the seeds of one half and add them to the batter. Add the egg and chopped pistachios and knead the dough with your hands.

Divide the batter in two and form rolls out of each half. Roll them in wrapping film and freeze for an hour. A night in the back of the fridge worked for me, only my cookies are not perfectly round. (But still perfectly delicious.)

Crush the pink pepper if you are using berries and mix them with the some sugar. The sugar can be caster or powdered. Pour this mix on a big plank or simply on your countertop to roll the dough rolls in it. Push the “icing” into the batter if needed.

Now, it’s time to slice up the roll using a sharp knife. You want the slices to be even, about 4 mm or 1/4 inch. Bake at 160 C (320F) for 12 minutes. Let the cookies cool down on the parchment paper and enjoy!

What’s your most unusual christmas recipe? Please share in the comments. (I am already having ideas for next years christmas cookies… haha)

Pink pepper cookies
Pink pepper cookies

Speaking of pomegranate, I totally would pick this if I ever wanted to create a food (only) blog. Spelled like this pom+granate, little languages mix (misspelled on top) saying apple and grenades like explosive cooking. I like that. Do you?

PS: The berries in the decoration are not pink pepper berries, that’s my advent window hoop


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