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Door wrapped as a present: A cute decor idea

by Anna

A "room" as a present
A “room” as a present

What’s not to love about christmas decorations? One only gets to see them for a short period of time each year and this only adds to their value in my heart. I say that knowing that I broke one of my favorite santa figures today because of the bell-bottomed skirt I was wearing. Never rush around those precious decorations. Or better yet, I should remeber to place them further away from the edges of furniture. Why was santa sitting in this particular place in the hallway anyway? It was because of the pictures for this decorating idea!

Years ago – as a sixteen year old exchange student – in Texas I bought a little book with christmas ideas. It was mainly to learn the 12 days of christmas by heart, additionally it gave me the idea to wrap my room’s door in christmas wrapping paper. I never redid it until this year. And what can I say? I loved it then and love it now.

Door wrapped in christmas paper
Door wrapped in christmas paper

You’ll need
favorite christmas wrapping paper
ribbon (or bow)

This is really simple and on the quick side, too. Cut enough paper to cover the width of the door and a little more to wrap it around to the backside. Attach with tape. Cut off a second piece of wrapping paper, attach it as well. The third piece might overlap.

Wrap the edges well around the corners of the door and secure with tape. From the short side cut into the middle piece of the wrapping paper to give room for the handle. Cut a hole and slide in the handle carefully. Cut of excess paper on the side so the door will still close.

Tie the ribbon around the door and make a bow.

Isn’t it pretty? Or am I just a child at heart? This would be perfect for the Weihnachtszimmer (christmas room), don’t you think?

Giftwrapped door
Giftwrapped door

I wrapped the door of the room which is exactly opposite of the entrance to my apartment. This makes a nice christmassy welcome! And makes me smile every time I enter my home…

PS: How about making some cute bags from giftwrap while you’re at it?


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