Bar, Hetty

Hettys Christmas Punch

by Hetty

Christmas punch
Christmas punch

If you think of Christmas and if you think of Germany, there is just one thing that MUST come to your mind. Mulled wine on Christmas markets. Anna already shared some thoughts on German Christmas markets and I do love them as well.

But when it comes to mulled wine, I’m not really a fan. Even though I love a glass of good wine, mulled wine tastes weird to me in the first instance and gives me a headache, too. So I usually stay away from mulled wine and prefer to try other hot Christmas beverages. Last year in Dresden I tried several punches, and those were really good. So this year I’m doing my own Christmas punch.

Juice and Amaretto punch
Juice and Amaretto punch

Here’s what you need for 5-6 servings:
600ml apple juice
600ml grape juice
50ml Apple Cinnamon Liqueur
50ml Amaretto
1 organic orange

Pour the apple and grape juice in a big pot and heat it on a stove. At the same time, wash the orange and but it into thin slices. Add it to the juices.

Once the juices start boiling, turn off the stove and add the liqueur and the amaretto. Stir well and wait five minutes before you serve the punch. Enjoy!

Hettys aromatic punch
Hettys aromatic punch

In case you want an alcohol-free and children-friendly punch, just leave out the liqueur and the amaretto, but add a cinnamon stick and some almond syrup. If you want a somewhat stronger punch, just add more liqueur and/or Amaretto. But be aware, this punch is really sweet and you won’t really taste the alcohol…


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