Hetty, Kitchen

Two types of Christmas Shortbread

by Hetty

Pistachio Cranberry Shortbread
Pistachio Cranberry Shortbread

Back in those days when Anna and I were Au Pairs, we got to do a lot of baking for our host families. Not because they made us do it but because we really enjoyed baking and preparing and giving. When one day I tried out a shortbread recipe from a magazine my Mum had sent me, I was so amazed by these cookies, that I almost ate all of them myself without sharing them. They were so good!

Since then I have made this shortbread last year for Christmas and again this year. This year I made some changes though, as I couldn’t get all the ingredients in my local supermarket. Therefore I proudly present you Cranberry-Pistachio-Shortbread and Orange-Amaretto-Shortbread! The original recipe includes orange and poppy seeds and is from Brigitte magazine

Hettys shortbread two ways
Hettys shortbread two ways

Here’s what you need for the basic recipe
350g flour
100g sugar
½ tsp salt
200g vegetable spread

For the cranberry-pistachio version you need additionally
25g minced pistachios
3 tbsp dried cranberries

For the orange-amaretto version you need additionally
the zest of one organic orange
2 tbsp amaretto

Heart-shaped shortbread
Heart-shaped shortbread

Mix all the ingredients for the basic dough in a bowl and start mixing with the dough hooks of your hand mixer. When you have pieces of dough, add either the pistachios and cranberries or the orange zest and amaretto. Then knead with your hands to get a smooth batter.

As the shortbread is baked in baking forms, you now need to grease a baking form. The dough should be 1.5-2 cm high in the form, so you need either one form that is big enough, or various smaller ones. I used four heart-shaped tartlet forms, a small cake pan and some silicon muffins moulds.

Put the dough into the form(s) and press down gently. Prick the dough with a fork, then put it into the oven. Bake at 200°C for 15-18 minutes.

Orange Amaretto shortbread love hearts
Orange Amaretto shortbread love hearts

Take the form(s) out of the oven and let the shortbread cool down for about half an hour. Take the shortbread out of the mould and let cool down completely. Now you can cut the shortbread into little pieces. Enjoy with a cuppa!


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