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Dairy-free gentlemen’s dessert: Laktosefreie Herrenspeise

by Anna

Favorite christmas dessert
Favorite christmas dessert

What does a newbie to lactose intolerance do when the one and only favorite christmas dessert is full of milk and cream? Make everybody eat another dessert? Nah, won’t work. Traditions, you know. Make a dairy-free version of it. It’s that simple. And the best part is: There is hardly any difference in taste although there is heavy coconut cream involved.

One mistery I could not solve yet is why this is called gentlemen’s dessert. I assume it’s the rhum. Was it considered a gentlemen’s drink back in the days? Rhum makes me think of ferocious seamen rather than honorable gentlemen. Either way, both ladies and gents in my family love it.

Herrenspeise laktosefrei
Herrenspeise laktosefrei

Gentlemen’s dessert Annas way serves about 8 people
1/2 litre oat milk
1 sachet vanilla pudding powder (you could totally just make your own)
1 egg
2 tablespoons brown sugar
1 pinch salt
1 bar of dark chocolate (100g)
3 shots rhum
1/4 litre cold coconut cream (heavy coconut milk)

In a pot whisk oat milk, vanilla pudding powder, the egg, sugar and salt to boiling. Take off of the stove and let cool down while stirring every now and then. I am always trying to avoid a “skin” on the pudding!

Gentlemen's dessert
Gentlemen’s dessert

Chop the chocolate. The coconut cream / heavy milk should have chilled in the fridge overnight. Once the pudding has cooled down all the way, whip the coconut cream.

Saying this I have to tell you about my misfortune so far whipping coconut cream. Even though I had my tin in the fridge overnight, added corn starch and whipped for what felt like an eternity, my coconut cream never got that fluffy cream texture. However, even so, it worked in this dessert. So just whisk the coconut cream and add it to the pudding.

Pour three shots of rhum into the mixture and add the chopped chocolate. Fold the pieces in. Enjoy now or later. It’s best if allowed to rest overnight. (I know, again! Prep this two days before eating it by putting the coconut cream in the fridge. Prepare the actual thing on day two and enjoy – finally – on day three… It’s quite heavy, so there might even be leftovers. Not the worst thing in the world, huh?)

A creamy holiday favorite
A creamy holiday favorite

My grandmother found this recipe in the local newspaper. Judging by the style of lettering I would say it dates back to the late seventies. So it has been prepared for all my life. And with my adaptation I will still be able to eat it with lactose intolerance. What a success!

By the way: The photos only show leftovers. Just saying…

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