Bar, Hetty

Winter version of a summer favorite: Christmas Sangria

by Hetty

Hettys Christmas Sangria
Hettys Christmas Sangria

If you are one of those people that think that Sangria is that one party drink that you only get in plastic buckets on Mallorca, you’re definitively wrong!!!! A good sangria is a fine composition of different wines and liqueurs, topped with fruit and best served on a warm summer night (I just hope that all my Spanish friends will agree to me on the way I put this….;-)). I really love sangria when coming together with friends, when you just want to chat about your life, have a good time, enjoy the evening. Nevermind that you might be hangover the next morning (stilvolles Abschießen haha), it’s always worth enjoying a sangria with friends.

So today, for all the people who are big fans of drinking sangria the classy Spanish way, I have a slightly adapted recipe for a very delicious Christmas Sangria that you can basically drink all winter long. It’s really easy to make and serves as many people as you like, so if you still need an idea for your new year’s party, this might be it!

Winter Sangria
Winter Sangria

Here’s what you need
(makes about a liter. Just multiply the quantities if you want to make more)
300ml orange wine This one is actually a very special wine my boyfriend and me bought in Vejer de la Frontera the last time we went to his beautiful home country. If you don’t have orange wine, just take a good red wine.
500ml apple juice
50ml Amaretto
the juice of one orange
2 small apples
the seeds of ½ pomegranates
some cinnamon if you like

Mix all the beverages together in a large pitcher. Cut the orange in halves and squeeze the juice into the sangria. Cut the apples into little cubes and add to the cocktail.

Now gently loosen the pomegranate seeds from the fruit without making a big mess (the first time I tempted to do this, my flatmate thought I had cut myself because there were juice stains everywhere around our kitchen…). Add the seeds to the sangria as well. Add a dash of cinnamon, too, if you like. I didn’t because I thought it was already good like that, but it might give the whole thing another kick.

Orange, apple and pomegranate punch
Orange, apple and pomegranate punch

Place the pitcher in the fridge for at least four hours to chill down and let the fruits soak up a little. Serve the sangria in wine or cocktail glasses with some of the fruits. Enjoy!


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