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Annas bulky infinity scarf from Lana Grossa yarns

by Anna

Lana grossa infinity scarf
Lana grossa infinity scarf

I fell in love with the bulky lana grossa yarns last winter. When they finally went on sale, I snapped one large skein at my favorite local yarn store and ordered a second one online. I was going to make this huge infinity scarf (a lana grossa pattern as well) – it only just took until july until I started. And then it was done in like two sessions.

I also wanted to make you believe that it was already colder, when we shot the pics… It really was end of august and the same day we photographed my bubble pant and the first hat I ever knitted. Now it still is not cold enough to wear this bulky beauty of a scarf, however I expect january to bring temperatures that make me long for the heaviest knits I have.

"Big & easy colore" scarf
“Big & easy colore” scarf

For the actual knitting they recommend a size 15 (mm) needle – that’s a US 19! I skipped the investment, used my size 12 needle and worked some with my fingers, too. They can make great cable needles for bulky yarn… Find the pattern on my ravelry account Happy sunday!


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