Anna, Studio

Wintry vases from old bottles and ice/snow spray

by Anna

Winter vases
Winter vases

I love to keep old bottles, especially when they have cute labels. They might just hang out as decorations or I add more pretty and use them as vases. When the labels have worn off too badly or simply are not pretty I take them off. Easy, right? And then sometimes I get tired of simple, clean vases and feel like prettifying them some. Enter this pin Since I am also someone who constantly changes her mind, temporary “beautifiers” are ideal.

So get ready
big, old bottles
glue gun
ice crystal spray
snow spray

Snowy bottle vase
Snowy bottle vase

Step 1 is cleaning the bottle by soaking it in warm water with a drop of washing up liquid. Take off labels and any residue that might be left and rinse the inside of the bottle well. That goes without saying, no? Let dry.

Step 2 with your friend Mr Glue Guns help, you create patterns, I did snow flakes (which are hidden underneath the snow spray) and wrote “dreams”. While the glue cools down get rid of any lose glue strands. To make snow flakes that show, cover the bottle in (spray) paint instead.

Ice crystal dreams
Ice crystal dreams

In step 3 you take your bottles to a well-ventilated area and spray them. Ice crystal spray needs very low humidity to work, snow spray is happy wherever you are. Well, not in the rain, but you figured that already because both sprays usually are washable. Isn’t that fun?
Bottle vases with ice crystal and snow spray decor
Bottle vases with ice crystal and snow spray decor

Let dry and decorate with twigs and berries. Aren’t they wintry and festive? I will keep mine until the urge for spring hits me and then, with a good soak the bottle will be plain and clean again. I love a craft like that! You?
Snow sprayed votive
Snow sprayed votive

And while your spraying, give some plain votives or simply some glass cups are coat of crystal or snow as well. And there you have wintry votives! Quick and easy, not even five minutes DIY!


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