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It’s 2014! Happy new year!

by Anna

Happy new year!
Happy new year!

Hello and welcome to 2014! We hope everybody entered the new year safe and sound! As you can see above my head is on fire with sparkling new ideas…
New Year's Eve dresses
New Year’s Eve dresses

… and Hetty is catching fire, too! Our new year’s eve dresses are handmade from a Burda vintage pattern. We were adventurous enough to order the velvet online – I am the kind of girl who needs to touch her fabrics to see if I like them – and it worked out! Hettys dress is a pale blue while mine is a silvery grey.
Burda dresses
Burda dresses

The pattern was easy to sew, the velvet made no problems either and we love the waterfall back. Hettys dress has the original length while mine is shortened. (And we are both tall)
Vintage Burda Pattern
Vintage Burda Pattern

We decided to ditch hemming altogether… Why? For a softer drape (is that the correct word?) and a cleaner look.
Hello 2014
Hello 2014

Have a happy, cosy and fun start into the new year! We hope to see you around here!


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