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The list: 12 Reasons to be happy it’s January

by Anna
herz heart
This is a tough one for me. You might have figured already that I make these lists of reasons to look forward to a particular season because I am not really friends with that time of year. You may have read 50 things to look forward to in winter already, but january is so special that I needed more reasons to cheer me up and on. So here is why this is a good month, too:

It’s a fresh new year, a blank canvas, paint it your colors!

Twelfth day (January 6) and its cake, galette des rois is another holy day (not a holiday here though)

Transitioning: The shortest days are behind us, January brings longer days (if only slightly) and February will bring way more light already!

It’s the month of quiet and calm, reading and snuggling up.

Finishing up my end of the year goals (I decided to take them into January to extend the fun)

Time! Having more time than in December and the general feeling that everything good is still ahead!
modewaerts deko tablett
Making new plans and goals and start executing them right away because now’s the time!

I think it’s the perfect time to clean out my closet, too!

Make vacations plans!

I still want to catch up on some christmas movies…

Organizing christmas decorations and recycling or donating stuff I do not longer love.

I am planning on taking the old blog offline and going “self-hosted” with modewaerts on wordpress, yay!

2 thoughts on “The list: 12 Reasons to be happy it’s January”

  1. I absolutely adore that feeling of having everything seem so new, fresh and bursting with possibility. I wish there was a magic button we could press to inject it (beyond the scope of a general sense of optimism, I mean) into our lives anytime we wanted the whole year through. I’m taking a running leap, so to speak, with it this year and really using it to fuel my plans and dreams for 2014!

    ♥ Jessica

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