Anna, Studio

One DIY a week: Washi tape decorations

by Anna
washi tape ampersand
Do you love washi tape as much as we do? There are a million and one ways to decorate with it and this month we want to show you some things we have made with washi tape. I will start today with my updated shelves, a cute notebook, and an ampersand I covered in washi tape. Ready? Let’s start!

It must have been during late summer 2013 that I became addicted to ampersands. So when cardboard ampersands hit one of the craft stores in my hometown I did not only get one, no, I bought one for Hetty, one for me and one I send away as a wedding gift. That one got covered in deco patch technique, while I wanted mine to be covered in those cute pink washi tapes from Depot.
masking tape ampersand
There are a thousand ways to do this, so just go for it. I mean, the tape comes off again, if you are not entirely happy with what you made. So, go for it. I started by covering the “end pieces” and went from there. Thankfully there’s no right or wrong here and a blank canvas is an invitation, isn’t it?
masking tape notebook
New year, new notebook. In college was the first time I started carrying around an idea sketch book and in the last year it has become an absolute must. Even though while the best ideas tend to strike right before falling asleep or in the midst of the shower, there are also those that hit when you’re sitting in the car/bus/train, chatting to friends in the café or pushing a little one on the swing. A notebook is needed.
washi tape notebook
Hetty gave me a blank black one (maybe you can guess where it’s from?) that just called for customizing. So it was sloping pink washi tape stripes for the notebook. By the way, that’s Ikea washi tape. (Yes, there’s washi tape at Ikea!)
washi tape shelves
This is going to turn into a pink washi tape post. I love living with my white shelves, I am just not in love with them anymore. An inexpensive, immediate and impermanent solution was what I needed and this is where washi tape works its magic again. Just a looong strip of tape along the sides and the front of the actual boards and your shelves show your style. Plus you can change it around. Just imagine Christmassy tape for that season, bunnies for easter and do you want to start decorating for Valentine’s Day and put up washi tape with hearts? I guess I am ready to change already…

Have fun taping! And check out next weeks washi tape ideas on Friday, 17!


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