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Knotted necklace: Fabric and beads

by Anna
diy necklace
Last year in September I made one necklace a week for our “one DIY a week”. I had more ideas of necklaces to make than what I have posted. So today we share a necklace I made for Hetty. It was inspired by this bracelet and gifted to Hetty when I visited her.

Supplies long stripe of fabric, as many beads as you wish (or an old bead necklace), thread, safety pin

Measure the circumference of one bead, double the number and you have the width of your fabric strip. If you are using an old necklace measure it, double the number and add 30 cm (10 inches). This number will be the length of fabric you need to cut. Mine was 2,5 cm by 120 cm.
hetty knotenkette
Fold the fabric in half along the long side and sew a tunnel. You should sew about the presser food’s width away from the fabric edge. Cut of excess fabric with pinking sheers. With the aid of a safety pin turn the fabric strip around. Insert a bead and check if it moves along comfortably. If it’s too loose, turn the fabric strip back inside out and sew somewhat closer to the folding edge.

Once the beads are neither too tightly nor to loosely inside the fabric tunnel, close one side with a knot. Fill in the beads from the other side. When you are done tie the other side as well. Spread out the beads in the tunnel. You’ll want to have ends of about the same length and the beads will get separated some by the next step.
knotted necklace
Tie tiny knots in between beads until they are all separated by a knot. Do double knots and cut the ends of the thread of. Open the fabric knots at the each end of the strand and tie the ends together to close the necklace. (If you have made a short necklace, leave the end knots and close when wearing with another knot.) Finished!


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