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Oh là là: Sequined tissue box

by Anna
tissue box sequins
I had dreamed of a sequined tissue box for a while. Something in pinks and purples that would be adorable in my pink room. For the longest time I had refilled and reused an old tissue box (the ones in which you buy the tissues) that was colored in those hues and sported disco balls and giant sequins. It still is one of the cutest design I have ever seen on tissue boxes in the store. However I will not be able to reuse it forever, and making a new one promised to be great fun. And so it was.

solid cardboard tissue box with lid, paint, sequins in two colors, thick craft glue, a tray

For some reason unknown to me, those cardboard boxes were hard to get in Germany at the end of last year. In France they were available so I got mine there. It featured scented tissues as well. Not my favorite, but I wanted the box.
sequined tissue box
I spray painted in black, nevertheless painting with a brush will give a similar result. Let cure thoroughly. Start with the sides of the lid and apply small portions of thick craft glue using a (fan) brush. Make sure to entirely cover the spot you are working on because otherwise you won’t have sequins all over.

Hold the lid over a tray and sprinkle sequins on it. Start with the color you want to use as a base. I wanted my base to feature more sequins and I chose purple for this. Add the other color, maybe a more eye-popping hue. You might want to press in the sequins gently in some places. Carefully work your way around the lid and let dry some. While working some sequins will take off and that’s ok. (That’s why you are working above a tray… I totally did all this on the couch, by the way.)
taschentuch box pailletten
The top of the lid will be covered in glue in small portions as well. A little glue, sequins, let dry, and on to the next spot. Repeat until the lid is fully covered in sequins. Now you might want to sprinkle on the sequins that gathered on the tray.

Let cure over night. Optionally one could now finish with a coat of clear spray lacquer to secure the sequins.
tissue box makeover
There you have a totally glamorous and girly tissue box.


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