Anna, Studio

One DIY a week: More masking tape ideas

by Anna
masking tape jars
Hey and hello, this week I am showing you some washi-taping in my kitchen and on the desk. One of the most simple, practical and pretty ideas for masking tape is using it to label your homemade jams, jellies and butters.
washi tape jam labels
I think that “encyclopedia” tape (by Depot) is just a stunner on my jars, if I say so myself. What’s a more personal gift than a homemade treat, decorated with pretty tape and labeled in your own handwriting?
can washi tape
I haven’t invented the can-pen-holder decorated with washi tape but it sure is pretty. Also I decorated a used chips tube, which I plan to store spaghetti in. Next time I will use more opaque tapes to cover the tube comme il faut.
washi tape calender
Last but not least I had seen a washi tape calender on Ohhh Mhhh and on Enjoy it. There was this big empty spot in my kitchen (where I take my photos). It looked so bare and felt so naked, so one night I got out those masking tapes. And I love it. It makes the space feel so much more vibrant and I love the practical aspect of it, too. Plus I am renting and this meant one less nail in the wall…


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