Anna, en route, Office

the other day.

The other day this quote really proved true. Image source

Note: This week I read this wonderful article and it made me want to publish this post that I have written quite a while ago and that I felt somewhat embarassed about. Reading her valuable post made me realize that there is nothing to be ashamed about because I emerged from the situation successful. So here it goes…

By a strange coincidence I had locked myself out at work, where I had been the last person. It was half past eight in the evening, it was dark and I had no phone, (obviously) no key and at first no idea what to do. I quickly dismissed the idea of crying. As often as getting feelings out via tears helps, I knew in this case it would not help. And I needed to get back into the building. My home keys were in there, my coat, too, and also the light was still on. I figured I had to find someone with a phone. There were only four people around. I asked the younger guy who was playing on his phone. He had no credit on the phone but offered me some cents to use the public phone. Yay! How lucky there was a public phone around. But it would not work. I returned the money and asked an older gentleman for his phone. He did not have one with him. There were still the two ladies with the bike at the far end of the square. Not only did one of them have her phone with her, she also had credit on it and let me use it!

Now I did not have a single phone number of my co-workers memorized. So I called my aunt. She looked up my boss in the phone book. There was no entry. Then she looked up one of the girls I work with. With success! A long number but I managaged to memorized it. I made the call. The phone rang for what felt like hours. Finally: “Hello?” I told them I had to talk to E, it was urgent. She came to the phone, gasped at my story and promised to come down immediately. The ladies asked if I was going to be saved, heaven, yes, I would be saved!

Afterwards my friend told me I could have called the directory assistance. But I did not think of hat. Nevertheless, I had focused on the one reason why I needed to find a solution, why it had to work. It was the simplest and most urgent: Because I needed it to work. I could have walked home without my coat, I could have spent the night at my aunt’s, but I felt responsible. I wanted to finished things comme il faut, I wanted to switch off the lights and lock the doors. I did not want to give anyone a bad start, or a bad surprise the next morning. It had to work and it worked. Looking back this has not been a huge problematic situation, but when I was in it, I felt very differently.

Now, I feel I should trust in this quote above in many other things in life as well. There are many reasons why things might not work. But there is one why it will and it migh just be that you need it to work. A need from the bottom of the soul. A need with all your heart, no matter what the mind or what people say. Although there might be more hard days, in the end it will be worth it. Focus on the one reason why it will work!


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