Smooth pebbles and felt hot pad / trivet

by Anna
pebbles hot pad
2014 is being very kind to me so far offering me a lot of time to do crafts. This January really has slow hours and is quiet – beautiful for getting stuff done, taking decisions, making plans and only a bit disturbing at work. The only thing that seems to pass quickly is the light. The hot pad / trivet / décor piece I am showing you today is a lot like this January to me: smooth and comfortable. Weird description for a hot pad, isn’t it?
felt hot pad
Supplies pebbles, felt pad, hot glue gun

This is another one of those very quick projects. Also it’s immensely relaxing to do, touching smooth pebbles, brushing thick felt. Until you burn yourself with the hot glue. Which won’t happen to you.

Find the centre of the felt pad, with the glue gun adhere a pebble there. This can be a very pretty, very big or otherwise special pebble. You could totally just take any pebble, too. Work your way around the middle pebble, gluing pebbles to felt in circles. You might make glue string spider webs along the way, that’s ok. You can hide them in the next round.
trivet pebbles kiesel untersetzer
And that’s pretty much it. You could cover the felt completely in pebbles or cut off the excess felt when you are done. I like it like this. A bag of pebbles was gifted to me by Hetty just so you know. I might go looking for more pebbles and add those to the trivet. What do you think?
felt trivet filz untersetzer
Those smooth little pebbles are hand charmers, pleasant and gentle to touch. The same applies to the felt pad. Also they have the same colours as this month. Well, let’s not get into that weather subject too much… Let’s just say this trivet gets a bit of the great outdoors into the house. Have a good week!

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