One DIY a Week: Washi tape round 3

by Hetty
Washitape Lamp Ikea
When Anna declared January our “washitape month”, I was somewhat skeptical. I already did own some washitape, but rather just because it was hip to buy it and then put it on everything you could imagine. Last year at university I saw some girls who had basically put washitape on everything – pens, ringbooks, folders, their keys etc. This haphazardly distribution of the bright patterns turned me off washitape for a while. Don’t get me wrong, I usually embrace every act of creativeness and DIY very warmly, but this just was too much. So when Anna asked me: “Why don’t you also do something with washitape?” I decided to use my stack of this versatile craft supply to make some “special” items for me and add some highlights to my room. And you might guess the end of the story: I love my very special and unique items. They make my room so much more bright and to be honest I even think that they bring out my personality a little bit.
Lamp with Washitape
First of all, I decided to add some colour to an IKEA lamp. It had rills which match exactly the width of my washitape. I chose three pinkish patterns (from Hema and Ikea) as my colour theme and started off. I filled every ridge with one of the three washitapes in a repeating order. Pay attention that you get a neat edge at the top and at the bottom, meaning that you need to cut sharp, straight lines and finish at the same point in every row. When you switch on the lamp later on, pay attention to use energy saving light bulbs that don’t heat up and always keep an eye on your lamp.
Washitape IKEA Lamp IKEA Hack
The second item I chose to give an update was the cigar box I store my knitting supply (some needles, place marker etc.) in. The box is kind of special to me as one of my great-grandmothers worked in a cigar company a long time ago and the box has been in the family ever since. I chose a green-pink washitape from Hema for this one and put one row to the bottom of the outer case. Additionally I added some self-adhesive crochet band in pink, which makes a really good impression on this wooden box.
Washitape Cigar Box
The last item was my alarm clock, which I have had for almost ten years. It’s one of those Ikea items that many of you might remember as it sold really well (at least I think so – I saw it in every deco magazine at the time and many of my friends had this one as well). The white plastic shell had turned slightly yellow in the last years and there where spots that were darker than the rest, so it really needed an update. I chose a pink and a greenish Hema washitape for this one. First I cleaned the alarm clock thoroughly, then I started applying the tape. One row of pinkstripes, a row of green flowers in the middle and another pink row at the other end. Ready!
Washitape Alarm Clock IKEA


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