Hetty, Office

25 things before 26 – Half year update

by Hetty
Mont Saint Michel Normandie France
Oh dear, I’m already 25 and a half. This might not seem like a bad thing to many of you and it really is not. Turning 25 was really great for me, but I kind of fear the 26 (the idea of turning 30 in 4 and a half years on the other hand is not scary at all).Maybe it’s because of January, the month I absolutely hate (dislike is not strong enough a word here), why I’m having such melancholic feeling… anyway, here’s an update of how far I have come with fulfilling my goals:

1. Move to France – yep, I’m in le Havre as I already told you
2. Create a cozy room with DIY – I think it’s well cozy
3. Do a before/after tour of my first very own flat
4. Learn crocheting – I experimented with crocheting a little lately and didn’t really like. But I think it’s worth a second try
5. Knit/crochet a blanket
6. Be more bold when it comes to fashion – kind of
7. Visit at least one new country
8. Get rid of that false blond in my hair – done, I’m a naturally middle ash blonde now
9. Go power walking more often again
10. Talk Spanish with my boyfriend more often – si claro
11. Watch a Spanish film and understand it
12. Go hiking in the Jura
13. Finish studying
14. Get prepared for some important decisions
15. Write postcards to 25 people – decided not to go on with this one because of number 21 à so I kind of consider it’s done
16. Make a dish which includes the three C’s of Normandy – well, I discovered my lactose intolerance after I had made this list and the camembert definitively is not good for me, therefore this one is out aka done (I did have some cider though)
17. Have a romantic dinner in Paris – done 🙂
18. Visit the Mont Saint-Michel – done 🙂
19. Start a pizza Sunday – one of my greatest ideas for this year. I’m lovin’ my weekly pizza adventures
20. Don’t spend that much money on clothes – only investments into long-living clothes that I will wear like forever – so, done
21. Be more conscious towards my environment – meaning the natural environment aka nature – yes, but this is an ongoing process and there’s always room for improvement in today’s society, so I consider this as not yet done
22. Marinade my tofu in a way so that I actually like it
23. Have at least one free evening per week when studying – quite easy studying at a French business school
24. Go salsa dancing
25. Sew a dress that is way too complicated for me 😉

13 done, 12 more to go. Not so bad, not bad at all I think…
Enjoy your Saturday!


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