Three things on Sunday

by Anna

I am way excited to be writing this post. And not quite comfortable at the same time. I usually don’t share things that are not completed but I sure do like to look at other people’s work in progress. Be it knitting/sewing, decorations or makeovers. So today I will take it a step further and show you some projects that I WANT to do. Supplies are here, all I need is the push (or kick?) to start. Sharing it here with you should be push enough. Especially if you tell me you want to see the outcome…
butterick b5953 winter dress
Remember I talked about making myself a winter dress in my end of the year goals post? May I introduce to you this gorgeous knit fabric? I found it at Stoffmarkt and it conquered my heart. I showed it to Hetty on Skype and she immediately saod it’s a Missoni style pattern. True, no? I find it simply gorgeous, it’s soft and drapey and I just love the colors. I will turn it into this dress I am still trying to decide wether it will have black or grey trimming, probably my fabric stash will give the answer. And then I need to learn how to make button holes like these! Aren’t they pretty? I will make long sleeves for the dress as it is supposed to be a winter dress. Do you have any ideas on making the neckline more winter-friendly?
zara pull teal
I say that because that’s exactly why this beautifully knit sweater will be transformed. The neckline is just to plunging for a German winter. It’s from Zara, that might be an explanation… Otherwise it’s nice and comfy and I like the yarn, so it will be restyled, redesigned, you name it into this cool simple sweater
I had also looked at yarn at the store and found yarn I liked, but why not use something I already own and love? I have never reused yarn so it will be an experiment. I actually looked for a pattern that was similar to a sweater I saw in a store – which was all poly, nay. I will keep you posted how it works. It will be my first knitted garment, yikes!
tie blouse top butterick 5895
Last but not least there is this blouse that I bought at a thrift store back in the Geneva area. I love the fabric, the print and the button tab but as you can see it is very wide. I had planned to wear it with tied ends, however I feel somewhat lost in it right now. Instead of simply adjusting i.e. altering it (alterations are so boring!) I will take this Pattern by Gertie and make it into a slimmer tie ends top. Using a new (to me) pattern to make it fit better is just so much more inviting than pinning it down to fit… But that’s just me being weird, maybe.

Cannot wait to start! And let me tell you, I am off of work next week, so there is plenty of time. What are you most excited about to see finished? I promise I will get someone to take photos of me in the finished garments. Or just get a remote control for my camera. We’ll see. Happy Sunday everyone!


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