Happy and love heart stamps for Mademoiselle Bonheur

By Anna
tampons creatifs bonheur
Last week I felt a sudden urge to make stamps. I had never made my own stamps before but I had foam and cork and my awl. So I just went for it. The urge included the wish to make stamps for my friend Mademoiselle Bonheur and send them off toute de suite. I should probably say that this desire to make stamps arrived when I was trying to go to sleep. So I did some quick sketches and then immediately fell asleep. The next evening stamp making was on the agenda.
love heart stamps
Supplies sticky back foam, wine cork, scissors, knife, awl

Sketch some hearts and phrases, just remember anything that you want to be seen needs to stay, anything else goes. For me that meant cutting out shapes and punching down letters with my awl.

Cut out your design and place it upside down on the non-sticky side of the foam. Now punch with the awl the letters and inside of hearts. Cut the corks in half. Lastly take off the backing of the foam stamp and adhere it to a cork. Big corks for big stamps, slimmer corks for smaller stamps. That’s it.
stamps bonheur
I still owe Mademoiselle Bonheur one stamp… The one with my handwriting. Because that’s what I want the stamp to show… I need more tools!!!


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