DIY washi feather earrings

by Anna
feather studs earrings tape
It’s the last washi tape DIY of this month and this is a wearable one! Have you seen the tape feathers floating around on pinterest? They are pretty cool and sort of a promise of spring. Wouldn’t that be nice to wear? That’s what I thought, so I made some masking tape feather earrings. They are made in like 10 minutes. So if you want something fun to go out with this weekend make them asap.
washi feder ohrringe
Supplies longish, slim earrings or earring hooks, washi tape, scissors

Tear off a piece of tape of the desired length. For the triangular earrings I stuck it to the front of the earring and folded it back to attach on the back. For the longish earrings I placed the tape on my table with the sticky side up, put the earring on top and folded back up the front.
washi feather earrings
Cut the tape into a feather shape. My love tape earrings bring their own thick middle part, this is the furthest I cut into them. For other types or earring imagine or draw a this part, so you won’t cut into them too far. Slantwise cut into the tape, the thinner stripes you make the finer your “feather” will be.

Put them on and feel like a Boho girl! We can be hippies, too!


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