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Latest additions to my bloglovin’ reader

by Anna

I woke up this morning and knew right away that I wanted to mess up our blog schedule blog about my recent additions to my bloglovin’ reader. (Where you can follow modewaerts as well!) Since I created my account I had mainly been reading German and US blogs until lately when I discovered some (more) great European blogs. This was wonderful because I felt the need to explore some more, broaden the horizon, you know, go more globally and get to know the neighbourhood as well.


Here are the latest additions to Annas reader

F mamie boude “Grandma pouts” isn’t that an adorable blogname? Discovered thanks to Mia, it’s in French with plenty of inspirational photos
UK gh0stparties Recommended based on other blogs I follow, I was drawn to the post about living with your other half
BE no glitter no glory I love Antwerp and it’s been way too long since the last time I went there!
NL fifties darling I followed her on instragram and liked what I saw, so now she’s in my blog reader, too!
CZ 79 ideas First it was pinterest love, now it’s bloglovin’ too!

Hetty is reading some very different people’s blogs as you can see by from where she draws inspiration. Like yesterdays tart that was adapted from Henry happened, which I just recently added to my reader, too. I talk about my very favourites here on my page. Now, I would love to see what Hettys reader looks like, don’t you?


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