Green stew curry style with sweet trefoil (vegan)

by Anna
green curry
Sweet trefoil? Schabziger Klee? Never heard of it! You? I actually heard of it for the first time last summer. I was taking a cooking class out on the fields of one of my veggie deliverers Duftgarten with chef Enrico Steuer We seasoned potato pancakes with this aromatic herb. When I spotted a little container of sweet trefoil at the whole foods store, it had to come home with me. That’s because ever since Hetty made improvised curry from two continents I wanted to make green curry. And here it is!

Green curry
2 handful of brussels sprouts
2 handful of green beans
2 cups of peas
sweet trefoil
1 cup quinoa
vegetable broth (optional)
olive oil

schabziger klee curry
Strip the brussels sprouts off their outer, withered leaves and cut off the stem. Then cut them in halves. Take of the ends of the green beans, if you are using fresh ones, break them in halves. Heat some olive oil and add the brussels sprouts and green beans.

Add the peas and some water and bring it to boil. Add a cup of quinoa and vegetable broth (if you like). Cook 15 to 15 minutes or until the quinoa is done. Season with lots of sweet trefoil. Salt to taste.

This wonderfully satisfies my green veggie craving, that I get from time to time!


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