DIY countdown calendar

by Anna
countdown calendar
“Guten Freunden gibt man ein Küsschen” – good friends get kisses. And sometimes they come in the mail. Hetty had told me a couple of weeks ago that she longed to be somewhere else, in the place she will move to at the end of march. And where someone special is waiting for her. So while this move is already within reach I suggested I make her a countdown calendar, just like an advent calendar. She only wanted it if I made it for the blog, I pretended I wouldn’t. And then yesterday, surprise, it arrived at her doorstep in France! I was rarely so glad a package got to its destination than this time. That’s because I also send flower bulbs, chia seeds and yeast flakes – wasn’t sure it would get there unopened…
And I had so much fun making this calendar!
handmade calender idea diy
Supplies photos, magazine tear outs, post cards, notes, a key ring that opens easily, a hole punch, hole reinforcements, set square, piece of cardboard, scissors, waterproof markers
motivation calender
Select as many photos, magazine pages, post cards and handwritten notes as you need the calendar to have “pages”. I did over sixty. Have the photos printed as squares, instagram style. I used dm’s retro designer such a cool tool! While the photos were being processed, I made a cardboard square the same size as the pictures were going to turn out. Mine are 10×10 cm.
motivation countdown
Then I selected the cutest spots on the magazine tear outs and post cards. Use the cardboard square as a model to quickly trace a square on the page and then cut it out. Once there are enough squares and you got your printed photos, place them in the order you want the countdown to go. I found it easier to select the images for the last days, so I started at the back.
key chain calendar
Punch holes in exactly the same spot in each square. I marked this spot on the hole punch, so I only had to push back the squares until it hit the back of the punch and then adjust it to the side. Does that make sense?
louvre souvenir
I punched several squares at the same time, depending on their thickness. Cards and photos are thicker, so less of them at a time. I reinforced the holes in the magazine pages with hole inforcements. While looking for the English word for “Lochverstärker” I saw so many cute hole inforcements, you could make this calendar in a sort of scrapbook countdown, if you wanted.
key ring photos
As you go and punch, put the squares on the key ring. Once you’re finished write numbers on the pages and make notes, doodle hearts and sweet things. I especially like the photo of the bell buttons were I wrote our au pair friends names on the tags… I always wanted to live real close to my friends, …dreams! (Bummer, no photo of that square…)


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