Heart lanterns and heart garland: Two DIYs this week

By Anna
paper heart herz girlande
Hi friends, it’s Friday and time for our new DIY a week. If you are still looking for some heart decorations ideas, I have something for you. I have really enjoyed my tin can lanterns and statistics tell me that you guys liked them, too. So let’s make a valentines day version, shall we? And for a little something more airy – a wonderful photo prop – I made an easy peasy heart garland. Together they take you under half an hour to make, so dive right in for a little weekend crafting.
heart garland
Paper heart garland
Supplies pink paper, scissors, glue stick, pencil, heart shape (optional)
Cut the paper lengthwise in stripes. Glue the ends together, having them overlap one centimeter (½ inch). Fold the long strip into a zig-zag worm. Now you should be looking at a more or less quadratic shape. Draw a heart on the top with the edges touching or even overlapping the paper worm. Cut out, leaving the upper side parts of the hearts together. Unfold the worm and there you have a heart garland. Easy, no?
heart lanterns
Heart tin can lanterns
Supplies tin cans, red acrylic paint, marker, awl
Clean your tin cans and paint the inside and the upper outside rim red. Let dry and use the marker to draw hearts on the outside. You might want to use a heart shape, like a cookie cutter. For the snuggling hearts draw a big heart and a small one overlapping by its side. Make holes on the outline of the small heart. Punch holes for the big heart, leaving the place where the small heart sits blank.
lichtdosen herz
For the tree hearts lantern draw hearts in different sizes. Start with the smallest and draw the other ones on its ouside or make a big heart and draw a medium and a small one inside. Punch the holes of the outlines and you’re done. Place a candle or big tea light inside and enjoy the cozy atmosphere.


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