Work in progress: Three things on Sunday

by Anna

Here are some peaks at the projects that I started two weeks ago. Most of it actually looks like last Sunday, except for the knitting. Let’s start with the least progress and work our way up to the finished project. Gasp!
winter dress progress
The winter dress. I cut the pattern and some interfacing for facing pieces. Also I chose a facing fabric. And then discovered that never in a million years it would be enough. That’s because I want to make the front bands as well as the front facing in black. One trip to the fabric shop showed me what they have, however I could not make up my mind yet. I hope I will only get around to finishing the dress by the end of the month and then showing you in early march. The outfit is pretty much completely styled, if only in my mind. Who’s going to take my picture?
simple sweater progress
The restyled pullover (this pattern). I would have never guessed how long it would take to take the old Zara sweater apart. I managed to do that within the first week and then cast on. Since then the knitting has been coming along nicely. My yarn is finer, so I am using smaller needles and I love how it already shows the hand-knitted imperfections (and the booboos at the hem) instead of the machine-knit look. It’s weird knitting with already used yarn because there is pilling, and loops and thin pieces and it just feels different. Yet I am sure I will appreciate the sweater much more than before once its done. Might just take a couple of years… 😉
tie ends blouse top
The tie ends top (adapted from this pattern). It’s finished! It was quick and easy, one of those things that just needed to get started. There are lots of darts now both in the front and the back working their way up from the hem. It would actually need more darts in the upper area, but I want to see how much wear I get out of it as is. I styled it on the lady as I am planning to wear it, sleeves rolled up and ends tied. That’s what this top is all about, right? Then some high-waisted, light blue jeans, flat blue open-toed sling backs and maybe a baby pink headband..?


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