Ice lantern

by Anna
how to make ice lantern
Hi there, today I am here with a quick idea for those who still live in winter. And those with a freezer. Since northern Germany got pretty much spared of a cold winter – and since I don’t have a freezer – I executed and photographed this project at my parents house. Also, something’s up with my camera. The auto focus doesn’t work anymore – which forces me to take better pictures, good thing – and in these photos the colours are strangely off. I like the effect though.
Now over to the ice lantern idea. I think I saw this on Chez Larsson first. Even though she stopped blogging I am still so inspired by the things she has done!

Supplies bucket (its size determines size of the lantern), a smaller plastic tube container, a rock or heavy object that fits in the container, water, freezer or really chilly temps

Fill the bottom of the bucket with cold water. My small buckets base was well covered with about 3-4cm (1 ½ inches) of water. Let freeze over night. Make sure it sits level on whatever surface you freeze it (box of frozen pizza in my case).
ice lantern
When the ice base is solid, place the small container on top of the ice layer, place the rock or heavy object in the container and fill the bucket (outside of the container) with water. Again check out it’s level and the container is more or less in the centre of the bucket. Let freeze over night again.

When you are ready to use your lantern – I knew mine would not survive the night – get the rock out of the container. You might need the help of hot water here already. Fill the inner container with hot water and let the bucket sit in a sink filled with hot water. Depending on the water temperature you should be able to retrieve the container within a minute or so. Then get the ice out of the bucket et voilà – your ice lantern!
eis laterne windlicht
Place any candle – or maybe even several candles, if you make a huge one – in the lantern. If you are using tea lights I suggest placing them on a coaster in the lantern so the ice won’t eventually melt by their heat. Now I wish I we had colder nights here so I could have used it more than once. I think several of these would be wonderful decoration for a winter wedding…


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