Lemon-Coconut-Guglhupf (vegan!)

by Hetty
Bundt Cake Lemon Coconut
Anna got me one of my best christmas present the last holidays. She gifted me a set of four small silicon guglhupf forms, which I absolutely love. Guglhupf is actually just a slightly different form of a bundt cake, but I prefer the name Gugl. It sounds just so…… gugly is the word that comes to my mind here, but that doesn’t make any sense. Haha. Well, it sounds really delicious in any way.
Gugelhupf Lemon Coconut
So today I proudly present my first Gugl recipe to you! There will be more in the coming weeks I can promise you. Today’s starter is a lemon-coconut-gugl that I saw on Fanfarella. I didn’t use the recipe that was provided on that blog, but adapted another recipe out of a baking magazine and made a vegan version. Here’s how it goes:

For two small gugl forms you’ll need (recipe adapted from Lecker Bakery )
100g soft vegetable spread
85g flour
1 organic lemon
50g sugar
a pinch of salt
2 tbsp soy flour
4 tbsp water
2 tsp baking powder
2 tpsp soy milk
125g caster sugar
4 tbsp dried coconut flakes

Lemon Coconut Guglhupf
Mix the vegetable spread, sugar and a pinch of salt together in a bowl. Whisk well.
Wash the lemon under hot water. Rub of some of the peel and extract the juice from half the lemon. Add the zest and juice to the sugar mixture and whisk well until you get a creamy texture.

Add the soy flour and the water (this replaces 2 eggs). Mix the flour with the baking powder and slowly add them to the batter. Now, add the milk and the coconut flakes as well and whisk everything together until well blended.
Lemon Coconut Bundt Cake
Put the dough into two (or more, depending on the mould size) gugl forms. Put them into the oven at 200°C and bake for about 25 minutes. Make a first check after about 15-20 minutes in order not to have your cake burn.

When finished baking, take the cakes out of the oven and let them cool down for about 10 minutes. Get them out of the forms and place them on a nice plate.
Zitronen Kokosnuss Gugelhupf
For the glacing, extract the juice out of the other lemon half. Mix with the glacing sugar, until you get a sticky mousse that is nevertheless not too hard. If your glacing is runny, just add more sugar. If its too firm, add some more lemon juice or some water.

Now put the glacing on the top rim of the gugl. Make sure to put on enough glacing as is needs to run down on both sides of the cake.
Coconut Lemon Gugelhupf
Enjoy your guglhupf!


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