Kale pizza with sweet tomato sauce (vegan)

by Anna
kale chanterelle paprika pizza
Let’s have a kale-y week follow the cake-y first week of February! For a change it’s Anna here with a pizza today to give Hetty a break to clear her mind to come up with more genius pizza toppings. It was one of her creations, namely spinach pizza that inspired me to try kale on pizza. Basically we all know how good kale is for us and that we should incorporate it more into our meals. Teamed with a pizza base, the sweetness of yellow bell pepper and the earthy taste of chanterelle mushrooms, what’s not to love about crunchily baked kale?

There is one more thing. I made up my own pizza sauce for this pizza. The idea was born out of a pure lack of tomato sauce and it’s rather unusual. Just so you are warned.
grünkohl pizza
Kale pizza with sweet sauce makes one pizza
read how Hetty makes the dough here

1 yellow bell pepper
two handful kale
1 can of chanterelle mushrooms

2 tbsp oat cream
2 tbsp tomato jam
1 tbsp tahini
salt & pepper to taste

option: parmesan

Make the pizza dough following Hettys instructions (without the herbs) and turn it into a ball. Flatten it on a lined baking tray and spread it out as thin as you like. Attention here, the thinner the crust the easier it could burn.
sweet tomato sauce
Mix oat cream, tomato jam and tahini, season with salt and pepper (if you like) and spread on the pizza base. Tear the kale leaves off of the stem, wash and squeeze dry. Cut the bell pepper in long parts and drain the mushrooms.

Put the veggies on the pizza an bake at 200°C for 20 minutes. Shred some parmesan on top or just enjoy a dairy-free and vegan pizza.
pizza chou frisé
Ha, I learned two new words writing this post! Isn’t chanterelle a beautiful word? (It reminds me of lingerie though, ok, that‘s chantelle) And such a great tasting mushroom, did you know that peatiness means earthy flavour? It looks like it is more commonly used for drinks, that’s why I went with earthy. I love to learn!


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