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Hetty + Alfi: Valentine’s Day Candle with engraved heart

by Hetty
Engraved Candle Valentine's Day
It’s valentine’s day! Happy valentine’s day to all of you! Or at least to all of you who are celebrating this day, that for me is actually like any other day of the year. I don’t really get, why so many people buy chocolates, flowers and all that stuff just to show their love and commitment to their special one, although there are 364 other days in the year where they could so. I’m not even starting on that whole business issue… Ahem, well, this is still a v-day post and I’m going on and telling you all to wait until tomorrow to buy chocolate when it’s cheaper, so you might ask yourself, why Anna agreed to let me write today’s post!!??!
Engraved Valetine's Day Candle
Well, I’m not the valentine Grinch, even though you might have gotten that impression. I am definitively PRO showing your love to your loved ones – you just shouldn’t make it dependent on one single day of the year. Give love and be ready to accept love to your love every day of the year! This way you will see, that love…actually is all around!
Valentine's Day Candle engraved heart
So now I somehow need to get back to my actual topic of today’s post, but how am I supposed to do this? Bummer. I’ll just tell you: Today I am showing you how to make candle with an engraved heart and initials. I got originally inspired by this candle on Henry Happened

You know, like some lovers like to cut their initials surrounded by a heart into trees. That’s kind of cruel for the tree, so the candle version is much more harmless. And beautiful. And actually very romantic.
Heart Candle with initials
What you need
a candle the size and colour of your choice
a knife, scissors or anything else you can use to cut the heart into the candle
a sharpie

Decide how big you want the heart to be (the initials need to fit in) and mark the lowest point on the candle. Mark some other points (like the outer edges of the curves) as well, so that you have an indication of the form you want to cut into the candle.

Now slowly cut a fine line in the shape of the heart, always by fixing the next point with your eyes. This will help you to get an even shape.
Heart engraved Initial Candle
Once the heart is finished, wipe off the wax that you carved out and then do the same procedure again for the initials.

Trace the lines with a sharpie. It doesn’t need to be perfect, this way it looks much more authentic.

I actually lit the candle only some seconds to take a picture. Next time I will lit it is March 16th, Alfi’s and my second year anniversary (that’s what H+A stands for btw).
Candle with engraved heart and initials
So now off with you, celebrate valentine’s day, but don’t forget to share your love every (other) day!


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