Citrus wine

by Anna
how to make citrus wine
Two years ago for my birthday the girls and I went to the beautiful town of Ivoire, France. It’s a touristy place and it’s obvious why: It is just so darn pretty. Think medieval houses, the shore of Lake Geneva and walking acts dressed as for Venice carnival. We visited the Garden of 5 senses and in their bookshop I picked up this cute little book
vins aperitifs maison
It is all printed in handwriting, I cannot tell if it’s a font or if someone actually wrote the whole book. I believe it may be the latter. Until recently I just loved to flip the pages, look at the beautiful drawings, read the cute poems and dream of making the one or the other aperitif. And here we are in plain citrus fruit season, so why not make a citrus wine now?
citrus wine
Citrus wine (adapted from Vins apéritifs maison)
1 bottle white wine
(1 bottle sparkling wine)
10 tbsp sugar (20 sugar cubes)
2 organic oranges
2 organic mandarins
1 organic grapefruit
1 organic lemon

citrus infused wine
Wash the fruit and cut into halves. Extract the juice (and set it aside, great for smoothies!) and chop the peel roughly. In a pot heat the peels and the sugar and some wine. Adding more wine from time to time let this concoction simmer for an hour on low heat. It’s okay not to pour in all the wine, you can mix it later.
orange grapefruit lemon wine
Once the citrus wine has cooled fill it into a bottle. If you did not use all the wine add what had been left in the original bottle. Store in the fridge and serve chilled or at room temperature. What you see in the bottle and the jar is all the citrus wine I got out of one bottle of white wine! The color in the jar is darker because I added some of the extracted fruit juice…

This is a great aperitif. Mix it up with some sparkling wine for a longdrink and for a little bit more sweetness. It’s veeery tart… But “Sauer macht lustig”: something sour cheers you up.


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