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Spring flowers and moss mini indoor garden

by Anna
raise early spring plants indoors Kopie
Let’s make a mini moss mess and smooth DIY transition from winter to spring, shall we? Last week I showed your the ice lantern, today let’s plant some early spring flowers in jars and bowls or even an old fish tank to get some spring vibes indoors.
crocus in jars
Supplies big, heavy jars and glass bowls, potted bulbs (hyacinth, crocus, daffodil work great), flower soil (if your bulbs come in pots, the dirt should suffice), moss, bark for decoration
flower jar
Start by unpotting the bulbs and putting the dirt in the jars. Place bulbs on the soil in the jars, add moss around them and water gently. Decorate with pieces of bark.
spring plants aquarium
Place the planted jars in a cool room or farther from a radiator. Water slightly every couple of days. After only few days you will notice how the flowers start to grow.
hyacinth deco jar
My flowers started to blossom after about two weeks. It depends a lot on the room temperature. The colder the room the longer you can watch them grow and enjoy your spring flowers.
hyacinth in jars
It feels great having a living touch of colour inside while the sky is winter grey. And it smells of spring with hyacinth in the house!
blooming hycinth crocus indoors
You might want to keep blooming hyacinth away from your bedroom. I have heard and experienced nightmares from their scent. No proof for this though…
spring flower jars
I like my spring flowers best when they’re in that sprouting phase, and you?

4 thoughts on “Spring flowers and moss mini indoor garden”

  1. das sieht echt wunderschön aus. klingt als ob es so einfach ist und auch menschen ohne den grünen daumen das hinbekommen würden 😉

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