Vegan Cashew Cream

by Hetty
Cashew Cream vegan
Here’s to the next episode of me experimenting with vegan substitutes of all dairy-filled stuff that I cannot eat anymore.

This time I was looking for a vegan alternative to basic cream cheese and found a recipe in my vegan baking book. It was made from cashews, but can be made with any other nuts as well. I probably won’t use this as an everyday substitute to normal cream cheese, as it’s very heavy in calories and has a quite distinctive taste. It does taste very good, don’t get me wrong on that point, but for me it doesn’t really taste like cream cheese. It’s unique!!
Cashew  Cream Ingredients
Here’s what you need for about 100g
100g cashew nuts
1 organic lemon
1tbsp soy or rice cream
some chilli if you prefer it spicy
50ml water

Cashew Cream Nuts in water
A day before you actually want to have the cashew cream, put the nuts in a glass and cover them with a lot of cold water. Let stand overnight.
Cream from Cashews Vegan
The next day pour the nuts and the water in a sieve so that you can the softened nuts. Mix the cashews with the juice of the lemon, the soy cream and the water in a blender bowl. Blend everything on high speed until you have a smooth cream.
Now season with salt, pepper and/or chilli.
Vegan Cashew Cream
You can eat this cream together with potatoes, on bread, on pizza, in pasta sauce… the list is endless. Enjoy!


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