Pizza Battle: Apple Cashew Pizza vs. Apple Tahini Pizza

by Hetty and Anna

Hetty Bring on the battle! Anna and I made two versions of the same pizza idea, so we’re kind of battling us today…
Pizza Battle Apple Cashew
For my version, you need to start with the usual pizza base.

For the topping you need

one or two apples (depending on the size)
2 tbsp cashew cream
some grano padano

The cashew cream serves as the pizza sauce this time. Like I already told you, it has a very unique taste and this is what makes my pizza so special today. So, put the cashew cream on the rolled out pizza base and spread it well.
Cashew Apple Pizza
Wash the apple and cut it into thin slices. Arrange them nicely on the pizza. Or just throw them on the pizza if you don’ t fancy fruit or veggie patterns on pizza – I do 😉
Apple Cashew Pizza
Grate some grano padano and put it on the pizza as well. Bake the pizza in the oven at 200°C for about 20 minutes. Enjoy your pizza!
Anna Taste buds explosion! So we introduced the idea of some sweetness on pizza to modewaerts with kale pizza already. Apples even take it a step farther! Ready? Steady, go!
apple tahini pizza
Annas apple tahini pizza
Start by making Hettys usual pizza base. Turn it into a ball, flatten it on the baking sheet and roll it out into a pizza base in any form you like.

oat or soy cream
1-2 apples (I like Topaz!)

Mix tahini and soy cream in a 1:2 ratio. Start with 2 tablespoons cream to 1 tablespoon tahini. Mix and season heavily with pepper. Spread the mixture on the pizza base. Make more sauce if needed.

Wash an apple (peel if you wish) and cut it into thin wedges. Arrange the apple wedges on the pizza base, I was going for a blossom look. Grate some parmesan on the pizza and bake at 200° C for about 15 minutes or as long as your oven needs.

Using the pepper mill season the pizza some more and grate some more cheese, too. Enjoy how the sweet/sour apple meets the spicy pepper, the strong cheese and the crunchy crust. Do I need to say more? Yum…
apple pepper parmesan pizza
Both pizzas were heavily inspired by Eves Apfel-Taleggio-Tarte


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