Smooch & script art – or a tale of cat adoption, The Princess Diaries and BSB

by Anna
smooch script art DIY
Spoiler: This will be a very girly post. With that said I feel ok admitting that my inspiration for this little work of art came in a way from the movie “The Princess Diaries”.

I was 16 years old, doing my high school exchange year in Texas when it hit the movie theatres. I had my radio alarm clock on the Disney station (does that really exist?) and it woke me up many days with “miracles happen, once in your life, when you believe” – cheesy, I know. I watched The Princess Diaries like a zillion times that year.

Fast forward 12 years to France: I was babysitting one night when the kids wanted to watch “Princesse malgré elle” I did not know what I was in for! Suddenly there were Julie Andrews and Anne Hathaway and the well known music. To cut a long story short: A line that my 16-year-old self loved was: “Why me?” – “Because you saw me when I was invisible.”

The quote just did not look good on canvas. This is were the Backstreet Boys and a possible cat adoption come in. Even before the line and the film above, I began to love the song “As long as you love me” and with a cute little kitty cat coming into my life, it seemed very appropriate to tell him: “ I don’t care who you are, where you’re from, what you did as long as you love”. Because isn’t that what we really want a cat to do, love us unconditionally? (Ok, truth be told: they would not love us if we did not feed, provide a roof and a bed (and a litter box) and cuddles, they are cats)
DIY lipstick handwriting art
Anyway, sadly the cat adoption did not happen! Still I have this pretty little work of art, to remember this period in my life. As well as those mentioned above…

Supplies thick paper or a canvas, black acrylic paint, paintbrush, lipsticks in various shades, a quote

Starting with the first line or verse trace every other line of the quote on paper, paint it. Squeeze the (even) lines in between and paint them, too. This makes the slightly messy, uneven look. Repaint if desired and let dry.
smooch lipstick quote art
Starting with the fairest shade of lipstick make smooches around the quote. As in kiss the canvas. Refresh lipstick as necessary. Move on to the next colour until your canvas is filled as much as you like. Let dry and frame. Or washi tape onto a thrift store painting, with a beautiful frame like I did. Hang. Slantwise if you’re weird like me.


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