Annas knitted hats autumn/winter 2013/2014

by Anna
annas knit hats
Hi dear readers, is it sunny where you are as well? With winter hopefully coming to an end here, I want to share the hats I have knitted during this past cold season.

1) simple hat like this one I made for myself in burgundy for my Dad
2) Cascade Yarns Pacific Garter Rib with a Twist for my aunt
3) Azure Quick cable slouch hat knitted in Wollmeises “Die Auster” which was way too fine for the pattern but I so wanted to use it and – since I cannot be bothered to make swatches – turned out more beanie than slouch, which is fine with me because this one I will keep
4) same as number one knitted in seed stitch for my Mum. This yarn (Sinful Singles DK by Vice) is such a pleasure to touch, to knit, to wear! See how different the yarns in the same pattern looks in garter stitch here

We’re missing number 5 here, the same super simple to knit hat for my brother

Enjoy your sunday!

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