Easy peasy Heart Art

by Hetty
Heart Painting Gallery Wall
Two weeks ago I talked to you about how I feel about love being reduced to just one special day in the year and that I am definitively PRO showing love all year round (I hope you noticed that big obvious hint at “Love…Actually”)…
Well, I suppose you can always tell a lot of romantic, cheesy and maybe also naïve stuff, but what really counts is that you show it. While I do that in private, there are many small items around my flat, that actually show signs of love being present. They are constant reminders of how happy you can be when you’re loved and this love is shown.

So to get back to today’s actual topic, I am showing you a very simple (suited for all age groups) tutorial on how to make such a constant reminder as well.
Hearts Full Picture
Supplies white drawing paper 2-n toilet paper rolls acrylic paint in 2-n colours some tape

Take the toilet paper rolls and form hearts by pushing down one “side” to the center and making a “sharp edge” on the other side. Fix this form with the tape, so that it will stay in shape.
Hearts details
Put some acrylic paint on a piece of paper and dip the heart-shaped end of one toilet paper roll in the paint. Stamp hearts on the drawing paper.

Repeat this with as many different colours as you like. If you want you can let the hearts overlap or make graphic patterns. I chose to just randomly stamp hearts on my paper.
Toilet Paper Hearts
Let the picture dry, sign it, frame it if you want and hang it up.


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