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Doily lampshade floor lamp: meet my new flatmate

by Anna
doily cover shade floor lamp
Tall, fair and handsome. And covered in doily. Who’s that? My new flatmate! My love for doily is never ending and so I am thrilled this enlightening (haha) beauty is here to stay with me.
lamp shade doilies
When looking for a flatmate (or a floor lamp) you want to make sure, they are a good fit. So you do a casting (in thrift stores in this case), you have a cup of tea (in which you soak some lighter coloured doilies)…

…you narrow the list down (this lamp at Ikea made it to the short list) and then after thinking you wanted a calm person (a wooden lamp base) for the spare room, this bubbly guy comes along and the case is set.
That’s when the real fun begun. My flatmate, (let’s call him floor lamp) moved in. He’s on bail though, I left 15 Euros for him. Not bad at all. We spend A LOT of quality time together, he hung out in my room for a while.
doily covered lamp shade
We worked on his appearance. I had to strip him off his clothes completely (gasp). The bone structure was excellent, that’s why he became my flatmate in the first case… Also, his pretty leg(s).
doily lamp shade
I made him new clothes – he’s really cool that way – they were all doilies picked up at the thrift store and dyed in black tea. I rinsed them and hung them up to dry. He knew he was in trouble when I approached him with needle, thread, paper clips and doilies (supplies!). There was some tape involved, too.
häkeldeckchen lampe
I placed bigger doilies around his shoulders and lots of smaller ones at the bottom of the rib cage. I secured the doilies with paper clips or tape, and told Mr. floor lamp to clench his teeth, so I could stitch on the doilies. Ouch. It hurt (my arms too) but look at him, all dressed up. Ok, I admit he looks rather feminine, but that’s not the point…
doily shade lamp
So here he is pretty as a picture! So happy I found the right guy to share the apartment with! Who will become your new flatmate?

Pillow cases are all DIY: doily pillow here felt pillow here and hexagon pillow here


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