Let’s paint on plates: One DIY a week

by Anna
handpainted plate decor
How do your plates and bowls look like? Plain, colorful, textured? I still live with my simple white Ikea starter set dishes from my student days. And I love them. They are like a blank canvas, full of promises. Just not as crisp as they used to be. Blogging about food I added this textured square plate (bottom picture) from the thrift store to my collection and I picked up this marvelous turquoise dish at Ikea that (you saw on modewaerts already)
ikea dish makeover
The dish did not stay plain very long, just for that one meal of vegan minestrone in fact. That’s partly because this pin came along and because I had been looking forward to customizing plates for a looong time now. Sometimes you just have to brainstorm and collect ideas for ages….
dots and lines plate
supplies dish/plate, porcelain pen (I used this metallic one in mother-of-pearl-white)

With a steady hand, beginning in the center of the plate make three little dots leave a blank space and then draw a bent line that is as long as the space the three dots take up. In circles go all around the plate until you get to the rim. Once you hit the rim you’re done. (Unless you want to decorate the outside, too. Umm, that gets me into thinking…)

First, I build a fancy contrapation with a ribbon tied around a pencil and the other end tied around my porcelain pen to get even circles. It was more of a hassle than a help. Freehanding was prettier and easier. Go for it!
painting on plates
Note The pen I used is not explicitly food safe. However I have been using the dish to eat from and – being very sensitive – it has not harmed me (yet). To be safe, do not use on areas where you will place food or choose another pen.


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