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Lent 2014 – I challenge myself to eat vegan for at least 40 days (and nights)

by Anna

My gallery wall
My gallery wall

It’s the day before lent starts I am crazy scared. I decided last summer that my lent would be vegan. And I was excited about it. Still am. Yet, I fear I will be hungry all the time. When I’m hungry I get in a really, really bad mood. So I started pinning vegan dishes some time ago and tried out a couple of things already, like vegan minestrone. It was tasty and filling. Good. Then I am afraid I will miss cheese. And eggs. So I ate half of a piece of gouda cheese on monday night and today I made clafoutis to use up the eggs that were left in my kitchen. Also to have an excuse to eat eggs before going on that egg diet. Yep, I had to fill up on all the good animal products. That’s how freaked out I am… (I admit, I also ate a lot of salami tonight…)

So, what will be on the menu during the coming 40 days? Take a look at my vegan food inspiration here

Day 1 I am not hungry! At least not all the time. I had my usual homemade muesli and a late morning green smoothie For lunch I had leftover hasselback potatoes and store-bought meatless meatballs Oops, they are not entirely vegan, I just see that as I am writing. Well, too late now, good to know for the next time. Still they are delicious. Then I fell into food coma… Once I got back out of it, I could not stop thinking about a sweet afternoon snack. In the end I just ate bread with one of my homemade jellies. It was all good. Dinner was sandwiches with a vegan lentil coconut spread (I want to make my own version of that!) and salad. Dark, dairy-free and vegan chocolate sweetened my evening. That was an easy first day. Ok, there was the meatless-meatball incident but overall I did well. Even though I constantly thought about food during the afternoon…

Day 2 This was the day were I made courgette potatoe mash Food coma again…

Day 3 Why can’t I put cheese on my leftovers from yesterday? I want cheese! CHEESE!

Day 4 This was the day in which I proved that one can make risotto with one leek and one bell pepper and eat the whole thing in one day. I will let you analyze.

Day 5 Eating out it is today. Will I be able to stay on the vegan track? I will fill you in later. Happy sunday!

Pictured above is my gallery wall read all about it here

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