Dark pinata cake

The perfect vegan birthday feast

by Anna

It’s my birthday, it’s lent and I am only eating vegan right now, what better timing than to serve a birthday meal containing only vegan dishes? Here is what I am dreaming of for a four course birthday feast and a sweet table:
cold beetroot soup
Let’s start with a light and yummy cold beetroot soup
kale chanterelle paprika pizza
Followed by a slice of crunchy kale pizza
vegan potato aubergine tofu moussaka
To finish we will have vegan moussaka
citrus infused wine
Then a glass of citrus wine
Almond Panna Cotta with clemetine sauce
And for dessert it’s got to be vegan panna cotta

More sweets?
vegan white chocolate glaze
On the sweet table there would be petit fours
pear things
Hettys homemade pear thingees and
marzipan muffins
and moist marzipan coffee muffins
And where is my birthday cake?
Pinata Cake x 2
Let’s make a vegan version of our beloved pinata cake!


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