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Glimpses of Spring

by Hetty
Glimpses of Spring Magnolia Square StRoch Le Havre
„Frühling lässt sein blaues Band wieder flattern durch die Lüfte
Süße, wohlbekannte Düfte streichen ahnungsvoll das Land…“

These are the first two lines of one of my favourite poems, the poem „Er ist’s“ by Eduard Mörike, 1828. I remember the first time I learned about these welcome words for spring was in primary school and I know the lines by heart until today.
Glimpses of Spring Utah Beach
The main message would be that the first glimpses of spring have arrived after winter’s coldness and harshness – a blessing for people’s minds.
Muscheln am Utah Beach Glimpses of Spring
Every year I do associate this poem with the first real day of spring and hence I do have many different memories associated with this poem. This year I will remember last weekend to be the first glimpse of Spring, when Alfi and I went to Deauville beach and Utah Beach (one of the landing beaches of the allies) in Normandy. The weather was just perfect and the colours were simply amazing. No much talking needed here, check out yourself what I mean.
Seagull Le Havre Beach Glimpses of Spring
Mussles on Utah Beach Glimpses of Spring
Utah Beach Glimpses of Spring
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