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Mug decor the Harry Potter way – One DIY a week

by Anna
diy mug decor porcellain pen
It’s almost the weekend! Are you craving a quick and easy DIY these days? I have one for you! The actual doing takes like five minutes – unless you want to stretch the process… We can thank Hetty for this project as she pinned this HP inspired mug some time ago and I had just rewatched Harry Potter and seen a super mug at the thrift store. So I was practically forced to try this 😉

I have a thing for mugs with a “comfortable” shape. Do you know what I mean? Mugs that are not too tall, rather round bodied and that are of a texture that makes me want to wrap my hands around them. (Yes, I am still talking mugs) This one is really smooth, which makes it perfect for a little upgrade with a porcelain pen.

Supplies mug, heart shaped cookie cutter, porcelain pens (I use this brand) or sharpies

Wash and dry the mug. Place the heart shape (be it a cookie cutter or any other little hear form) centered on the bottom of the mug. Make dots outside the heart shape with your pens. Remove the cookie cutter and make the heart shape clearer by making more dots towards the outline of the heart.
heart dots mug
Proceed to dot along the inner sides of the mug by working your way up to the rim in a swirl. In other words: dot around starting at the tip of the heart and circle up.

Be aware: Porcellain pens and sharpies are not generally food safe. Please choose carefully!


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