Chia red fruit & coconut dessert

by Anna
chia fruits rouges noix de coco
It was only just a few weeks two months ago that I read about chia seeds (and was interested for the first time). That’s how much of a foodie I am, ha ha. Secretly I consider Hetty more of the foodie here (just look at all her pizza adventures)and myself the DIYer. She did not know that until she reads it here, and now you all know. Talk about a blog as a means of communication.

Anyway. January is THE month to try out new things and even more so when they are health related. Back then I bought my chia seeds. They fall into the category of spendier foods. We’re talking in the range of 14 euros per kilo here, bought in brick and mortar stores. Yet, since they are considered a superfood I found it well worth the money. And while January was the month to try chia seeds, March is finally the month to share the pudding idea with you.
chia pudding red fruit
Chia red fruit coconut dessert (serves four)
20g chia seeds
150g coconut milk (coconut water)
1 tablespoon shredded coconut
500g red fruit

Mix chia seeds, shredded coconut and coconut milk and let sit in the fridge for 20 minutes. Stir at least once in between. Thaw frozen red fruit or clean and chop fresh fruit and add it to che chilling chia mixture.

Distribute in four bowls or cups and place in the refridgerator until you are ready to serve. Ideally the seeds should cool and thicken for three hours, but I found anything between an hour to a day to be fine. Also, you remarked correctly that there is no sugar added! The sweetness of this dessert relies solely on the red fruit. The less currant the sweeter…
chia rote früchte nachtisch
Great dessert to prepare in advance!

By the way: if my English sounds unlike me more polished, it’s because I have been marathon watching Downton Abbey… Have a great sunday!


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