Song lyrics plates – One DIY a week

by Anna
~ Man soll aufhören, wenn es am schönsten ist! ~

Taking a cue from this German saying (stop, when you are having the most fun) we are bidding farewell today to our One DIY a week series. And we do so with one of the projcts I get the most use out on a daily basis. I was actually so excited to make these, that they were hanging around finished for a long time now. Actually hanging around is not true: I use them all the time! Some of you might have gotten a glimpse of my first song lyrics plates on my instagram as seen above.
script plates songs
While we have a lot of fun creating, this series has become a little rigid. No worries, we will still be making and sharing projects! However we plan to break free from the boundaries that a themed DIY month provides 😉

supplies plate, porcellain pen (or waterproof markers), song lyrics, vinegar, cloth, oven

songtext handschrift teller
Yes, a regular waterproof marker is not food safe, so I might have been playing with my life when I chose one to write on this plate. Anyway, the song is Cat Powers “Metal Heart”. (One of my alltime favorites from my most played album ever!) The tomato red marker looked pretty harsh when I finished scripting the plate, so I used a little vinegar and a cloth to age it once the lines were dry. When the vinegar had dried completely I baked the plate at 160° C in the oven for about 90 minutes. There was my vintage-y song lyric script plate!
lyrics plate
Choosing songs to go on the plates was the hardest part of this project. So I had a post-it hanging around with songs ideas forever. Naturally the three songs I chose are ones especially dear to my heart. This following picture Ikea plate was written on with C.Kreuls HobbyLine pen in mother-of-pearl. The song is Trains “Hey, Soul Sister” which reminds me of my friend Sarah and also says SPRING big time in my ears!

To script simply start on the top rim of the plate and write as many words as you can until you hit the rim again. Put the next line underneath and keep going. I do not use any commas, dots or exclamation marks nor spaces. I like to pretend the song is one long line…
plate script art
And then there are shorter songs, well, less lyrics, so that’s when small plates are winners. Here I put “Yellow Brick Road” by Angus and Julia Stone on a dessert plate. There is no big contrast between the colors of the pen and the plate, I find this pretty sophisticated and charming. You?
song lyrics art plate
I was very pleased about your response to the One Pillow a Week series we posted in october! Hettys pouf was even featured elsewhere on the net! And then you guys really enjoyed One necklace a Week last september. That was also the first round of One DIY a Week. We will continue to post at least one DIY per week, however, for the moment not in the course of a series. Just to be clear… This way I have already had time to work on some more customized clothing! Stay tuned!


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