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50 things to look forward to in Spring

Isn’t spring the most exciting of all seasons? Everything seems fresh and new, people wear smiles again, there are blossoms and greens everywhere and the air is tingling with happiness! Need some ideas how to celebrate spring? Read on!

Lace around the neck
1) Is it warm enough for a dress with a cardi combination? Sew together a top and a skirt and update a cardigan with lace trimming I tell you how here
2) picking flowers from fields
Garden chair makeover
3) It’s THE moment to make over those outdoor chairs! Here is my my garden chair update
4) pigeons cooing outside the window in the morning
Bear's garlic pesto
5) Bear’s garlic season starts! Here is a recipe for Bear’s garlic and cashew pesto
6) leaving the heavy coat at home
7) spring vegetables and anything fresh
Stripey ballerinas
8) Get your shoe collection ready for warmer temps and update it with a ballerina flat make-over
9) wearing ballet flats again
10) getting a first tan (and not looking like a defrosted body)
Pretty homemade spring quiche
11) Bake a spring quiche with fresh veggies
12) sunday afternoon walks (without it being too hot like in summer)
13) wearing spring pastel colours on your nails
modewaerts wünscht frohe Ostern 14) Make easter decorations like these melted crayon decorated eggs
15) “Frühling lässt sein blaues Band…”
16) having more energy thanks to longer days
Green asparagus with bear's garlic-potato-cake
17) Asparagus and bear’s garlic are a great match, try the potato cake with both veggies
18) the scent of flowers
19) saying goodbye to the hair dryer until fall
Quilted placemats with dots
20) My quilted placemats still look fresh and springy, maybe an idea for your home, too?
21) bike rides without gloves!
22) getting those sunnies out again
Green Pizza
23) Feel like adding some more greens to your diet? Check out and make Pizza Verde
24) being woken by the sun
25) lightweight scarves
hyacinth deco jar
26) Plant bulbs of some flowers in jars and bring to the office for spring indoors!
27) sitting outside in sidewalk cafés
28) the feeling that anything is possible
Pink bubble pants
29) Customize a pair of trousers and make bubble pants or star-spangles jeans
30) flower buds on sprigs
31) smiles on peoples faces
Lemony Asparagus Pea Risotto
32) Take advantage of asparagus season and enjoy a lemony Pea-Asparagus-Risotto
33) flirting
34) floral patterned dresses
Handmade camera strap cover
35) Before going on vacation it would be fun to personalize your camera strap with a cover
36) picnics!
37) outings, road trips
Homemade peanutbutter cups
38) These are good in any season, but since we first made them around this time of year, spring makes me want to eat homemade peanutbutter cups
39) Sun! Nothing can beat more daylight
40) sleeping with open windows
modewaerts bathmat tutorial
41) Spruce up the bathroom with a bathmat from an old towel made in 15 minutes
42) spring cleaning (yes, I do like that)
43) Easter and the end of lent
Asparagus and pine nuts pasta
44) Pasta with asparagus? Yes, please! Here is Hettys recipe for green asparagus pine nuts pasta
45) spending more time outdoors
46) family time around the Easter holidays
After the cutlery organizer makeover
47) Your cutlery drawer needs a fresh look, too! Look at the impact my easy peasy cutlery drawer update made
48) finding and testing dairy-free ice-cream and then eating enormous scoops of it
49) spring dressmaking
A piece of carrot cake
50) Easter is the perfect opportunity to make carrot cake. Well, any spring day really is great for this treat!


2 thoughts on “50 things to look forward to in Spring”

  1. bei mir gabs letztens grünen Spargel mit Rucola in einer Limettensauce…echt der Wahnsinn. Musst du mal ausprobieren

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