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My first peplum top

by Anna
floral peplum top
Can you believe we are already through the first quarter of 2014? Now I really, really want warmer temperatures! And it looks like we will get them in my part of the world: Yay, for spring!

The sunshine inspired me to give peplum top making a try. It is the first top of that kind that I own, is that strange? It is because I love this look, it’s feminine without being too girly but still has a sassy edge. It looks dressed and grown-up and fun all in one. There is not much more that I need from a garment.
gathered strap detail peplum top
Oh, wait. Comfort is a big plus. Having somewhat followed this tutorial below my top could not turn out as comfy as the knit version. My cotton (blend) does not contain any elasticity so it is a little on the tight side. Which will help me improve my posture, right?

Besides not choosing a knit, I omitted the sleeves and instead gathered the shoulder part. Tiny detail, big effect, do you agree?

Even though I have not really worn it yet, I love this little top already. It was so easy to see – just doing the shoulder seams, one side, putting in the zipper, adding the peplum and hemming everything with selffabric – just like making a quick (and cute) dress. Taking the pattern from a T-Shirt was easy peasy, so that anyone, even without practice – can do it.
blumentop mit schößchen
Altogether this did not even take two hours to make. It actually took longest to get my eyes off of the splendor of Downton Abbey and onto the fabric. Which, by the way, is from my stash, bought at last years spring tour of the dutch fabric market.

I bet I am not the only dressmaker that has ever chosen a zipper that was only a close match not a perfect one. But why waste those long, invisible zippers when the a short, regular one will do the trick?
birds eye view peplum top
The mannequin is slimmer than myself, so the pemplum sticks out more, when I wear it. Possibly you will get to see that, too…

Overall a fun and quick little top. Easily dressed down with dark blue skinny jeans (or simple denim shorts) and dressed up with a black pencil skirt. Any suggestions how to go really quirky with it? I am thinking a pattern clash like in Hettys third outfit in our 3 ways to wear it…

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