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Creativity and perfection

by Anna
modewaerts paris la maison rose
There is a lot happening in my life right now, in consequence not so many news on this little blog here. But I dug around the archives and these thougths from last year came back up. I published them on the old site about a year ago, but they are still oh so true.
modewaerts paris blumen
“The other day I got into thinking about perfection. Perfection always mattered to me. I considered myself a perfectionist, I wanted to please people that I care for. Achieving perfection was hard work. And neither happiness nor contentment.

When I was an au pair perfection – or anything close to it – was just not possible. You cannot make happy three kids and their parents and be happy yourself. It mattered to me to do a good job. I wanted to be perfect. It turned out that the pressure I put onto myself was felt by the kids. They got moody. On those days neither of us was happy. On days when I felt good about myself and what I did and just let the kids be kids, it worked out well. Sure, they were not in the shower when they were supposed to be, the spaghetti were cold or something got broken. But it did not matter, there were smiles on their faces and they lit up mine.
modewaerts paris rotes kleid
In March 2013 I went to a meeting about career, future and how to get on and going. When in this course I wrote down what I wanted the job fairy to do for my life, I was told that it is realistic. That was such a revelation to me. Even though it is one of my dreams to be a successful blogger, I felt like nobody else ever believed I could be. Now, the thought of somebody else seeing it too, reassured me to keep moving and working harder on what I want. Sure, the blog is far from perfection. Last week I asked a friend to help me promote my blog (the old one that is) and I was told no for the lack of design and stylishness of the layout. Apparently I had hoped that it was not that bad even though I knew there was work to be done. Now I was shattered to find out it was and I was not the only one feeling that way. Achilles heel found. Ouch. But my opinion was confirmed, which pushed me to really get into working on the new layout. So in the end rejection turned into motivation.

Now, does perfection matter? No. Firstly, there is no such thing as perfection. It lies – like beauty – in the eye of the beholder. In the end I have to be happy with myself when I look into the mirror. It does not count if anybody is happy with me in that moment but that I can look myself into the eyes and be proud of what I am. Perfection excludes happiness, creativity is happiness. Let’s embrace imperfection and create more!”
modewaerts paris zaun
All images taken in Paris by me on a tour through Montmartre with the wonderful people of Discover Walks


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