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Hair tie bracelets

by Anna
haargummi armband
Have you ever put your hair tie around your bracelet when changing your hair (on the go) and did not want to lose it in the depths of your purse? I guess this was in the back of my mind when I looked at the enormous amounts of hair ties in my bathroom cupboard on a lazy sunday morning. I had just reorganized the cupboard and it looked rather pretty and neat – except for those countless hair ties that are not strong enough for the horse hair I call my own…
hair elastic bracelet
Once I put the pretty pastels (all Primark) on my desk and started playing around, these bracelets emerged in a matter of minutes. They feel soft and sensual on the wrist, just a nice combination of metal and bulked yarn elastic.

supplies hair ties (about 7 pieces)
how to bracelet
Place one hair tie next to another, overlapping a bit, with the metal parts close to one another. Pick up the part of the bottom hair tie (lilac) that is overlapped by the other (baby pink) and pull it up through the baby pink and then down through its own lilac loop. Pull somewhat tight. Add the next hair tie. Keep on adding pices until you it wraps nicely around your wrist. Finish with a know.
hair tie bracelets


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