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Flower heart – for fresh or fake flowers

by Anna
blumenherz steckschaum
One DIY a week is dead? Long live one DIY a week! I told you, we would break free from the frame and step out of the box of posting it on a particular day. So, today I am sharing with you this little heart-shaped flower arrangement that I gave my grandma for her birthday. It’s a half an hour craft, and could be even quicker with real flowers and floral foam. I used kitchen sponges, they are even cheaper than the foam stuff, just a little more “tricky” to handle. Ok, I should not say that when I cannot remember the last time I actually used floral foam.
how to make a floral heart supplies
supplies a heart-shaped box, flowers, two sponges (depending on the size of the heart), washi tape, a freezer bag, scissors, a sharp knife, pointy knitting needle

I used three silken peonies (for only a Euro each!), that are already overflowing the heart. With less bulky flowers be sure to buy more. Also, make sure you like the color of the sponges you buy, they will most probably show somewhere…
DIY flowers heart
Cut open the freezer bag and line the box with plastic. Cut off excess at the sides and tape in place around the edges of the heart with washi tape. Trim the sponges to fit into the heart. If you are using real flowers soak the sponges with water after cutting them and then re-place in the box. Cut real and articial flowers under the blossom, leaving just about three centimeters or two inches of them to stick them in the foam. Be careful with artificial flowers, the “stem” is hard and difficult to cut.
flower heart arrangement
Use your sharp knife to cut into the sponge where you want the flowers to be stuck. You might want to cut in crosswise to get enough room for the flowers. It helps to poke with a rather pointy knitting needle.
floral heart box
Arrange the flowers and give your heart of flowers to someone who deserves it. Like the best of all grand-mothers!


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